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Healthy Cleanse – French

Now with Optiflora® DI to help maintain GI health and regularity.

Helps you feel healthier in seven days

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If you're looking for digestive support, ready to kick-start your weight loss, or simply wanting to have more energy, try the Healthy Cleanse. This program combines four carefully selected Shaklee supplements with a supporting diet plan to help you feel healthier in seven days.

Our Healthy Cleanse is designed to:

  • Support healthy digestion*
  • Help jump-start weight loss
  • Help increase focus and energy*
  • Help with hunger management*
  • Help improve sleep quality*

Once you've completed your Healthy Cleanse, transition to one of our healthy nutrition plans, such as Life Plan or the Shaklee 180® weight-loss program.

*Based on a seven-day pilot study conducted by three Shaklee Distributors – a medical doctor and two nutritionists – under the supervision of Shaklee Medical Affairs. Preliminary study results showed an average loss of 6.8 pounds and 1.62 inches, plus increased focus and energy and improved sleep quality.

In a preliminary study:

  • 80% of participants experienced improved energy levels and decreased cravings
  • 72% of participants felt improvements in hunger management
  • 60% of participants felt improvements in mood
  • 74% of participants felt improvements in quality of sleep and clarity of thinking

Source: Lau FC, Sahr N, Carrillo-Massa M, Fyrberg, Daggy BP, McManus J. Safety, tolerability, and efficacy of a 7-day cleanse program: a pilot study. Advances & Controversies in Clinical Nutrition, 2015.

Healthy Cleanse combines four carefully selected Shaklee supplements with a supporting diet plan to help you feel healthier in seven days.

The program includes:

  • Optiflora® DI (30 capsules): helps maintain gastrointestinal health and regularity
  • DTX® Complex (90 caplets): contains milk thistle and more to help increase your liver's ability to clean and detoxify your blood
  • Alfalfa Complex (330 tablets): contains high-quality alfalfa leaf powder plus calcium, phosphorus, and trace minerals and vitamins
  • Herb-Lax® (60 tablets): helps provide gentle relief for occasional periods of irregularity
  • Healthy Cleanse Guide: provides you with detailed recommendations of what to prepare and how to cleanse and revitalize, plus a list of foods to embrace or avoid

Recommended use of Healthy Cleanse: 1 to 2 times per year.

The program combines a Shaklee nutritional supplement plan, along with a diet of unlimited raw vegetables and fruit, filtered water, and light weight-bearing exercise for seven consecutive days. This allows the body to rest, cleanse, and be nourished so that it's better able to function at its optimum levels, helping the user feel healthier in seven days.

When you purchase your Shaklee Healthy Cleanse Kit, you'll receive a Healthy Cleanse Guide, which includes details about how to prepare for your cleanse, a diet and meal plan, and a list of foods to embrace or avoid.

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