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Down to a science.

Shaklee products stand tall on decades of research and countless studies – including the Landmark Health Study with UC Berkeley, for example, which spanned 10 years and proved that daily nutrition makes us healthier in the long run. We put our products to the test because science is in our nature.

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Support Your Child's Immunity blog


How to Support Your Child's Immunity

Your kids or grandkids bring so much joy into your house – and a lot of germs. Keeping your kids' or grandkids' immune systems strong will keep them living their best lives...

Kale Nutrition Superstar


Kale – Your Nutrition Superstar

Although kale has early roots in Greek and Roman culture, it remained a relatively minor commercial crop in North America until recent years. This leafy green reached celebrity status around 2012…

Tips for Glowing Winter Skin blog


6 Tips for Soft and Glowing Skin This Winter

Winter can be tough on your skin. Why? Lower temperatures mean less moisture in the air. So, it's no surprise that winter weather pulls moisture from your skin...

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