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Shaklee 180® Starter Kit

Item: #79426

Begin your journey to a leaner, healthier you!

Your customizable two-meals-a-day kit contains all you need for your first two weeks of the program, with your choice of flavours. Plus, the kit includes a step-by-step program guide and online access to support tools — to help you lose the weight and learn how to keep it off.
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Gluten Free

We know losing weight can be as simple as it is difficult. That’s why Shaklee scientists designed the Shaklee 180® Program: to help you break the yo-yo dieting cycle to get healthier and fit for life.

This customizable two-meals-a-day kit contains all you need for your first two weeks of the program, including your choice of any two flavours of Life Shake™, your choice of one box of Shaklee 180® Snack Bars, your choice of one bottle of Vita-Lea®, and one bottle of Metabolic Boost.

Clinically tested Life Shake and protein-packed Shaklee 180 products:

  • Are Powered by Leucine® to help your body retain lean muscle while you slim down*
  • Use ultra-pure non-GMO protein
  • Have absolutely no artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours, or preservatives added
  • Are gluten free, lactose free, and kosher
  • Are low glycemic; lower glycemic index correlates to a slower rate of digestion and gradual release of glucose, contributing to better weight control

*Leucine is an essential amino acid that helps with protein synthesis to build lean muscle. Leucine-enriched protein helps your body preserve muscle mass so you lose the right kind of weight and keep your metabolism strong.

Life Shake: blend or stir two scoops in 237 mL (8 U.S. oz) of water or your favourite diary or dairy-substitute beverage. Customize your Life Shake by adding ice and/or your favourite ingredients including fruit, vegetables, or nut butters.

Shaklee 180 Snack Bar: enjoy one bar daily as a snack.

Metabolic Boost: take one tablet with every meal.

Vita-Lea: take 2 tablets daily, or as recommended by a health care practitioner. For therapeutic use only. For adult use only.

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