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EPA Green Power

Shaklee is the first consumer products company to offset 100% of its greenhouse gas emissions through the EPA Climate Leaders Program and use 100% green power.

Electricity generation is one of the leading causes of industrial air pollution in the United States. Most of America’s electricity comes from burning fossil fuels, which produces carbon dioxide.

Shaklee uses 100% Green Power

Electricity generation is responsible for:

  • 38% of America's carbon dioxide (CO2), one of six greenhouse gases and a major contributor to climate change. Carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere when fossil fuels are burned. Climate change is a serious environmental threat that may contribute to coastal flooding, more frequent and extreme heat waves, more intense droughts, an increase in the number of storms, and the increased spread of infectious diseases.
  • 66% of the United State's sulfur dioxide (SO2). When sulfur dioxide is combined with rain water, it creates acid rain, which damages the foliage of forests, crops, and other plants and eventually can kill the plants. It also acidifies rivers and lakes, causing them to be biologically "dead."

About Green Power

Green-e Energy is America's leading independent certification and verification program for renewable energy. This voluntary consumer-protection program verifies superior, certified renewable energy options offered by utilities and marketers in the retail market. Renewable resources of energy include wind power, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal power, certain types of hydropower, geothermal power, waste biomass fuels used to generate electricity, and ocean thermal, wave, and tidal power. Green power sources produce electricity with an environmental profile superior to conventional power technologies and produce no anthropogenic (human-caused) greenhouse gas emissions.

Shaklee purchased 8 million kilowatt-hours of Green-e certified renewable energy in the form of national wind power to offset 100% of Shaklee's greenhouse gas emissions from purchased electricity.

In 2009 and each year since, the EPA has honoured Shaklee with a Green Power Leadership Award in recognition of the company's commitment and contribution to helping advance the development of America's voluntary green power market.