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Grab Your Kit and Grow Your Business
The best way to get your Shaklee business up and running quickly is with a Starter Kit. Our kits are designed to help you learn how to earn an income, get to know the products, and build a successful business.
Everything You Need for a Healthy Business
Personal Website
Personalize your business with your own online shop, free for the first 3 months.
Mobile Apps
Manage, promote, and grow your business on the go.
Learn the ins and outs of your business with an interactive online training experience.
Get tips and insights from our Shaklee community and business partners.
Select Your Kit
Take the first step by choosing one that works best for your health, business goals, and budget.
$169 + $49.95
Business Starter Kit
Prove It Starter Kit
Feel Healthier, More Energetic, and More Focused in 30 Days
Vitalizer™ supplement strip, your choice 2 Life Shake™ canisters, two 7-Day Healthy Cleanse products, and all our essential business tools. Limited-Time Offer: Get a $50 Product Credit With This Kit! Ships FREE.*
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Business Starter Kit
Your Tools for Success
The essential business tools: Personal Website to get selling, mobile apps to manage your business, and support and training to get you started quickly. Limited-time offer: get a $50 product credit with this kit + a $150 product order!
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*If you’re purchasing your first Prove It Challenge™ Kit on this order, take advantage of free shipping on the entire order and free shipping on all your Business Boosters.