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Hand Dish Wash Liquid Concentrate

Item: #44255

Mild on hands, tough on grease

Just a few drops of this hypoallergenic, fresh-scented liquid produces long-lasting suds. It tackles even the greasiest dishes, leaving them sparkling clean. And your hands will appreciate the gentle, non-drying formula.

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Star-K Kosher

This hypoallergenic, fresh-scented, PTPA Media Award–winning* formula is made of sustainably sourced plant-based ingredients. It’s non-toxic, has biodegradable surfactants, and contains no phosphates.

  • Tackles greasy dishes with just a few drops
  • Leaves dishes sparkling clean
  • Produces long-lasting suds
  • Has non-drying gentle formula

*PTPA Media Inc. provides an objective means to discover, appraise and promote new products designed to enrich family living. Awards are presented to companies whose products are deemed exceptional by a knowledgeable and unbiased panel of experts.

  • Helps loosen baked-on foods so you can use less elbow grease
  • Mild on your hands – special formula won’t remove natural oils in your skin, giving you soft hands as well as sparkling dishes
  • Maximum long-lasting suds
  • Leaves your dishes sparkling clean
  • Great camping choice – biodegradable surfactants make it safe for use outdoors in warm or cold water

For best results: use Hand Dish Wash Liquid Concentrate with our exclusive Super Microfibre Dish Sponge.

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